How to Teach Kids the Can-Do Mindset

November 27, 2018


There are two kinds of mindsets: scarcity (fixed or can’t-do) mindset and abundance (growth or can-do) mindset. A lot of us grow up programmed with a scarcity mindset. The scarcity mindset is the result of the environment we grow up in, that sets our horizon and tells us how far we can and cannot go. The mindset we adopt for ourselves profoundly affects the way we lead our lives, determining whether we become the person we want to be and whether we accomplish the things we value. 


The scarcity or limiting mindset is the culprit for most people’s inability to achieve a fulfilling and meaningful life because it only sees the conditioned limits and cannot imagine that there are possibilities behind those limits. The abundance mindset, on the other hand, is what pushes us to break through our mental boundaries to try and learn new things, resulting in a more fulfilling, thus successful, life. When encountering an obstacle the abundance mindset teaches us to focus on “how” (how can I do that?) instead of “can’t” (I can’t do that). The abundance mindset is what builds resilience. 


To cultivate such resilience in our kids we as parents need to, first of all, develop and practice a mindset of abundance or “can-do” mindset and be role models for our children. We have to teach our kids that they can get good at anything. We have to show the kids that the more they practice something, the more they transform their brain to adapt and grow. We have to let the kids understand the plasticity of the brain and how it can change over time through sheer force of will and practice. That’s how we can condition them to believe that they can do anything they set their minds to and have the will to see it through. That’s how we can free our kids from the mindset of poverty and give them the mindset of abundance. 

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